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The Story

About us & Cafegenuss

Actually, I am a singer and was asked by my students and friends again and again why my coffee is so good .. I have explained to you that I have tried different coffees and techniques for a long time and after a long search finally found my Caffe Del Conte .. In order to keep my secret for good coffee no longer for me, there is now the opportunity for all to drink good coffee. I have set up the online shop for you, which provides private individuals and companies with the CafeGenuss they need












                             Actually I'm a pilot, I discovered my passion for good coffee early on and he has always been a good companion ......

                        During my apprenticeship as a pilot, I was able to gain my first coffee experience as a "Barman" at the Cafe Harlequin.

                        Even now I know to appreciate good coffee at night flights. The idea of ​​my friend to operate this online shop, I found the idea very                                                                                        good and decided very quick to join!

                                                                                        Again coffee plays a role on my way .....

Kurt Bauer

Production of our premiumcoffee

                The high-quality Arabica beans come from Colombia, Mexico, Honduras and Brazil, the Robusta beans from India and Indonesia.

                After delivery and careful inspection, they are gently and manually roasted in a traditional drum roasting machine.

                                                                                  This results in a very soft, low-acid, aromatic espresso.

                                                                                                        Have fun with CafeGenuss


Sonja Schauer-Cacic

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