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Our Caffè del Conte in a new design is now called Caffè del Conte Extra Bar! Low caffeine content, fantastic crema.
Harmonious, balanced taste: Mild yet spicy, slightly chocolaty: Produced exclusively for us!

Delivery time: within 7 days

Caffè del Conte Extra Bar, beans1 kg

Quantity in each 1 kg packs
  • 1kg, flavor protected packaging.

    High-quality varieties in high-quality aroma packaging, carefully and slowly roasted: 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta

    Production of our private label:


    The high-quality Arabica beans come from Colombia, Mexico, Honduras and Brazil, the Robusta beans from India and Indonesia. After delivery and careful inspection, they are gently and manually roasted in a traditional drum roasting machine. This results in a very soft, low-acid, aromatic espresso.

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